Frances Johnston
Graphic designer and Lettering Artist
IMRAM_FRANCESblank copy.jpg

Imram: Irish Language Festival


The brief of this project was to create a typographic Interpretation of an irish poem as apart of a promotional billboard campaign for IMRAM, an Irish Language festival that takes place each October every year.  The poem I chose was the poem 'Linte do Frida Kahlo' by Doireann Ní Ghriofa. This poem is about the life of the well known Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. For my design concept I was inspired by the Day of the Dead or ‘Dia de los Muertos’ as the underlying theme of this poem is about her living her life between life and death. I used bright colours in my designs inspired by traditional mexican folk art colours. I was also inspired by the work of Frida Kahlo herself, she lived a very painful life and was known to have an obsession with death. The word 'Bás' translates in irish as the word death. This word had the most impact for the billboard as it would be a commonly understood word in the Irish language and provoke some thought on the death of the Irish language. For this project my work was featured RTE Irish national television station in which I was interviewed about my work for the IMRAM festival project.