Frances Johnston
Graphic designer and Lettering Artist




This is a collaborative project between designer and composer. The composer, Maria Johnston has a playful composition entitled “Púca”. The piece tells the story of the evil black cat that is secretly plotting to kill its owner. This composition was created with a story in mind, each section of the music tells a different part of the story. The story shows the cats poor attitude to life up until her breaking point at which she decides to poison the human. In order to tell the story effectively I wanted to brand Púca and the world she lived in. I focused heavily on use of colour, ensuring to keep it within the same theme. This video is live action with a retro, pop art style. It was created in a 3D environment that was intended to look 2D using bright block colours. One of the most important elements to the designing process was the creation of props. The props used for this production are all handmade paper cutouts to add to the playful visual language. It aims to tell the story in a visually playful world as a humorous juxtaposition to the cat’s deeply sinister psyche.

Character design